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What better way to solve the issue than with nature? We shower with water, we wash our hands with water - why aren't we using it after we go?

The Biffy was designed by a board-certified physician who wanted to help his patients avoid health & hygiene issues. Now, the Biffy is loved by thousands!

  • Better Clean

    Compared to traditional methods, the Biffy bidet leaves you cleaner, fresher, & more confiden. You'll wonder how you lived without it!

  • Developed By Physician

    The Biffy is the ONLY bidet that is designed by a physician. With a focus on health & hygiene, you'll feel better than ever.

  • Lab Certified

    The Biffy is lab certified to remove up to 99% of bacteria that other methods may not remove.

  • Good For The Environment

    The Biffy is made to last. Using a attachable bidet will reduce or eliminate the need for paper products after the go.

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What it does & why it works so well

How The Biffy Compares

Cleans Better

Compared to TP, Wipes, & other bidets, the Biffy is the best at taking care of business!

- Safer than TP due to spraying the mess directly off, not pushing it around

- Keeps your hands out of the bowl

- The 3 P's! You have control over the Position, Pattern, & Pressure

- 8 Jets that spray vertical which promotes removing rather than spreading

Improves Health

Constipation, Hemorrhoids, & UTI's are all associated with personal care and bathroom use. The Biffy can aid or help prevent these from occurring.

With the use of our 8 jets cleaning a wide area, as well as our vertical spray, the Biffy will make you feel relieved & fresh!

Simple & Concealed

Every product we've made was designed to be simple, elegant, & functional.

When a product has all of these qualities, we believe it will seamlessly blend into your life. Over the years, we have had countless people say they can't live without their Biffy, so it's safe to say the Biffy is doing its job.

Easy of use:

- One motion to turn on

- Automatically shuts off

- You are in control of the three P's: Position, Pattern, & Pressure

- Fits standard & elongated toilets

- Has a built in anti-siphon to offer protection to your water supply & fixtures

Hand Assembled in the USA!

30 years ago, we started as a small, family-owned business developing and selling our attachable bidets. This hasn't changed since the beginning, we have always assembled each Biffy by hand, in Boulder City, Nevada.

This allows us to have a personal touch with each Biffy and ensure that our products function the way they are designed.

All customer support is taken care of directly by our technicians at our factory. Each technician is able to assist with both general questions or technical questions.


Who's the biffy for?


We've all were young before and know that our hygiene and personal care was probably not the best...

Using a Biffy bidet from a young age cleans better than traditional methods, bypasses stigmas, & promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Who's the Biffy for?


As adults, our hygiene is the best it's ever been since we've spent our lives taking care of ourselves.

With that being said, improving health and boosting confidence is always important. The Biffy attachable bidet will help relieve constipation, soothes hemorrhoids, and can help prevent UTI's. All of which may affect us throughout our adult lives.

On top of that, a Biffy is good for the environment, will help save money on TP and possible medical costs associated with hemorrhoids and UTI's.

A Biffy bidet attachment will improve your life!


Who's the Biffy for?


For those who have more experience in life, the Biffy will become your best friend.

As we age, we may not be able to move around as freely, but the Biffy allows you to clean yourself without movement. You will be cleaner, more independent, and have more confidence knowing that you can still take care of yourself in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's Included With A Biffy

Each Biffy comes with all the necessary parts to start using your Biffy in minutes including:

Biffy Bidet Attachment: The attachable bidet is a simple to use bidet designed to revolutionize your bathroom experience. With adjustable water pressure and a gentle cleansing nozzle, it offers unparalleled hygiene and comfort.

Pair of Bumpers: The pair of bumpers included with the Biffy bidet attachment ensures a secure and stable fit to your toilet bowl. These bumpers prevent any unwanted movement or slippage during use, providing you with peace of mind and stability.

Spacer for the Back of the Toilet Seat: The spacer for the back of the toilet seat is an essential component of the Biffy bidet attachment installation kit. It ensures proper alignment and clearance between the bidet attachment and the toilet seat, allowing for a seamless and easy installation.

Installation Instructions: Included with each Biffy bidet attachment is a comprehensive set of installation instructions. These step-by-step guides make it easy for you to set up your new bidet attachment quickly and correctly, ensuring optimal performance and functionality from the start.

Installation Process

We designed the Biffy to be easy to install in only 3 steps!

Step 1: Remove your toilet seat using the required tools. Often, a screwdriver and plies are best to do this. Some toilet seats are designed differently and no tools are required. (WOOD CORE TOILET SEATS WORK BEST)

Step 2: Position the Biffy on the rim of the toilet bowl & replace the seat. Align the Biffy bracket with the left toilet seat hole. The spray arm will rest in the bowl below the toilet seat. Place the spacer over the right seat hole and replace the toilet seat. (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN TOILET SEAT SCREWS)

Step 3: Connect to water supply. Turn off your water supply line at the wall. Unscrew the water supply line and insert the Biffy T-adapter between the tank and the supply line. Tighten all fittings. Hand Tightening is usually sufficient. (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN)

*Make sure water line is clear of debris and/or sediment.

*The Biffy airgap/anti-siphon feature works best when the water supply valve is at full pressure.

Shipping Info

We offer free shipping for all domestic orders.

Contact Us

We are available at:

American Biffy Company, Ltd.

706 Wells Road, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005 USA



One Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants every Biffy product to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser.

Terms of Warranty: The American Biffy Company, Ltd. will repair or replace, at their discretion, products or parts found to be defective. Our liability is limited to repair or replacement only and we are not liable for consequential or incidental damages. There are no implied or expressed warranties. An RMA number must be obtained from the American Biffy Company, Ltd. before unit is shipped back for repair or replacement. All Biffy units must be cleaned before shipment to the manufacturer or product will not be repaired or replaced. Shipping charges to the manufacturer are non-refundable.

Limitations of Warranty: This limited warranty does not cover (1) Damage or loss sustained in a natural occurrence, i.e. earthquake, fire, etc., (2) Damage or loss due to improper installation, negligence, misuse or abuse and (3) Damage or loss resulting from foreign materials or chemicals in water supply.

Warranty Service: To obtain warranty repair or replacement, contact manufacturer.