Why the Biffy?

Let's face it-everyone has a bottom & makes 'stuff' that comes out of their bottom. Using 'TP' is a messy process & doesn't work well considering it rubs stuff in. Of course, water does a much better job, but most people don't have an easy way to shower their bottom parts every time they use the toilet. That's where the Biffy comes in.

The Biffy Covers a lot of Territory.

It has a long 'row' of cleansing jets. They can be instinctively moved to cover your entire bottom. Even if stuff in the toilet bowl splashes on your 'cheeks' the Biffy's gentle sprayers can quickly rinse all over your bottom and get you really, really clean - fast!

The Biffy is on a Power Trip!

The Biffy uses a row of shower sprays to rinse you clean in seconds. The pressure is adjustable to your liking, but you have all the spray you want on demand. You are in complete control of the right amount of pressure to get you clean, really clean.