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Biffy Classic (Universal)

Biffy Classic (Universal)

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THE CLASSIC BIFFY BIDET - The Original Attachable Bidet

This attachable bidet is our Classic (Universal) Biffy Bidet Attachment.

- Constructed of durable poly-carbonate that will never rust

- The spray nozzle features a hygienic housing with a self-cleaning spray nozzle

- Easy installation and does not require electricity or special plumbing

- Comes standard in white

(Works best with Wooden Toilet Seats)

Features not found in other attaching bidets.

  • It is UNIVERSAL for virtually all toilets
  • 2 ½” wide, 8-stream vertical spray
  • Adjustable spray pressure
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzle
  • Rust proof poly-carbonate spray nozzle
  • Dual anti-siphon valves protect your water supply
  • Lab Certified to remove 99.8% of bacteria
  • Constructed of durable poly-carbonate
  • One year warranty/15 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You'll Love Your Biffy!

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