The History of the Bidet

The bidet is a device that has changed so much since its inception. The very early bidets had a basin that was made of porcelain with wood at the base. Originally meant to be used like a chair, where the user could sit comfortably. Overtime, an important and hygienic change was made, changing the location of the bidet. They were originally kept in the bedroom, not the bathroom. Aren’t you glad that’s changed?

As with most things, the more advanced and fancier a bidet was, the higher the cost. Many bidets were made for royalty. In France and Italy, they were frequently decorated ornately.

Over time, bidets began to resemble toilets more than anything else. Today, installing a bidet can be as simple as adding an attachment to the toilet you already own. This is much easier than in the past, where the bidet required its own flushing mechanism. Not to mention, the very best change that has occurred since bidets came to fruition: they are available to everybody!

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