So You’re A Bit Unsure About Bidets...

We understand that certain people just don’t consider themselves to be the “bidet type”. After all, we're all different and have different preferences. However, most people discover that they do not like something until they try it. Think about the first time you tried a food you were unsure about. Possibly olives, anchovies, or any other foods that didn’t exactly tickle your fancy. You chewed it, swallowed it and made up your mind about your feelings for that food. You had a personal experience with the food, which dictated your feelings.

On the contrary, most people who are unsure about bidets are not ones who have actually had an experience with one. So, for those of you who are hesitant, we are going to give you a minor rundown of how your first bidet experience would go.


  1. Once you find yourself done with your “toilet business” it’s time to put that  brand new Biffy into action.
  2. You will locate your bidet attachment and double check that the settings are what you desire.
  3. Next you will aim the bidet attachment at the area you intend to cleanse.
  4. This part of the process essentially entails you experiencing pure euphoria.
  5. All done! Allow yourself a few moments to dry and then you are free to return to all non-bathroom related duties!


So, there truly is nothing to fear when it comes to getting acquainted with a Biffy bidet! Now that you know what it truly is like to feel fresh, you'll never want to live without a Biffy!

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