Preventing Infections With A Biffy!

Preventing Infections With A Biffy!

One of the most common ailments that can affect both men and women throughout their lives are Urinary Tract Infections(UTIs). Although there are multiple ways to prevent UTIs, the truth of it is that using toilet paper is not the best way to ensure you are the cleanest you can possibly be after using the restroom. In fact, there is a far better way to ensure that the spread of bacteria does not occur, and that is using a Biffy.

For one, when using toilet paper, bacteria is spread from one area of your private parts to another. Gross! On the other hand, bidets remove bacteria completely. Giving you a fresh, clean feeling that you will never receive after using regular toilet paper.

Secondly, anyone who has ever had a UTI can tell you that the discomfort is almost unbearable. Often, the symptoms of a UTI include burning and the feeling that you need to urinate frequently. Bidets not only remove bacteria that cause UTIs, but also flush out bacteria that has already been causing an infection. Combine bidet use with medicine prescribed by your doctor, relief will come fast.

Plain and simple, wiping with toilet paper is not the healthiest way to handle your private time in the restroom. Invest in your health and your overall happiness by  buying a Biffy today and never worry about Urinary Tract Infections ever again!

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