Make Hygiene Your Resolution!

January is the time of year when people take stock of what they are good at and what they perhaps could improve about themselves and their lives in general. This year, when setting your resolutions, you may want to consider improving your hygiene. Getting a Biffy is one way to not only improve your hygiene, but also improve your confidence!

Benefit #1 - Getting A Better Clean.
If we haven’t said it before, then we will say it again, using a bidet is far more healthy than cleansing yourself with toilet paper! Instead of spreading bacteria with disposable paper products, you can eliminate the germs entirely with a Biffy.

Benefit #2 - Sustainability.
Once your Biffy is installed, you will no longer need to buy toilet paper. This means decreasing or eliminating the amount of paper you use. Think about all the times you've used the restroom and how much paper was used each time. Over a lifetime, that's a lot of trees being cut down! Using a Biffy can drastically reduce the amount of one-time-use toilet paper and helps save resources. 

Benefit #3 - Saving Money.
Nobody wants to flush money down the toilet! If every time you used a piece of toilet paper, you imagined it was your money, you might not want to use as much! After all, that is what's happening! That isn't the case with a Biffy. After a one time purchase, you get a lifetime of improved cleaning. It doesn't get better than that, saving money and improving health!

Taking better care of your body, your family, the earth and your bank account all by adding one simple item to your bathroom. This will be the easiest and most rewarding resolutions you’ve ever had! Order a Biffy today to change your life for the better! You'll Love your Biffy!

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