Maintaining Your Biffy Bidet

By this time in your life, you are more than aware of how to clean a bathroom the right way. However, you may be concerned about cleaning your new attachable bidet from the American Biffy Company. The good news is, taking care of your bidet is fairly simple and will not take but a few more seconds when you are adding it to your toilet cleaning routine. In order to clean your bidet effectively and easily, take into consideration the following suggestions:

Continue to clean your toilet on a regular basis. Germs thrive in environments like bathrooms. Keep your bidet clean along with the rest of your toilet at all times. Remember when cleaning, do not use detergents or cleaning agents on the seat as those can irritate the skin. Stick to using a damp cloth.

Being observant is the best way to ensure your Biffy is clean. Most bidets are self cleaning but that is not always guaranteed (especially if you have children in the home). When you notice that your Biffy could use a good cleaning, do the same as  mentioned above and use a damp cloth as to not potentially damage the  appearance of your bidet with the use of certain chemicals.

Remember, there are so many great reasons to have a bidet in your home. If you do not have one yet, order one today and feel a sense of freshness! You'll love your Biffy!

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