How A Bidet Can Help With ALS

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a disease that cause the motor neurons in the brain to degenerate over time. This can mean weak muscles, completely losing control of muscles and ultimately atrophy. Simple things that come easy to most, can be very difficult for those who are suffering from ALS and they are often forced to ask for help completing tasks that may have been fairly easy in the past. For example, going to the restroom becomes a challenge. However, with the right help, a patient with ALS can use the restroom on their own again. No more need from someone else!

The help we are referring to is a bidet. Bidets restore the ability for someone to clean themselves effectively during a restroom visit. A bidet offers those who find it difficult to maneuver around their private areas with toilet paper, the ability to easily clean  themselves. The Biffy bidets work especially well because our bidets do not require the user to push multiple buttons in order to get it to operate. 

If you or someone you know has ALS and you think that a Biffy would make their life easier, order one today. Once you try a Biffy, you'll never want to live without one. The feeling of being truly clean will bring back confidence into your life!

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