Your First Time Alone With Your Biffy

Have you been putting off buying a bidet just because you are nervous about whether or not you will like it? Well, believe it or not, every person who is currently lucky enough to have a Biffy in their home, had their own first experience with a bidet as well. We won’t lie to you, the sensation of cleaning yourself with water is very different from the sensation that toilet paper gives you. In fact, many people are quite surprised at the feeling they get when they use their Biffy for the first time, but that’s part of the fun. 

The younger generation has had very minimal exposure to bidets. We are working to change that. By increasing the familiarity of bidets we can become a much more healthy and environmentally friendly population.

As an experiment, the innovative people at Buzzfeed conducted a test to see how people would react to their first bidet experience. The main purpose was to 1) see if bidets were preferred compared to toilet paper and 2) to give an uneducated group a better idea of what exactly bidets have to offer. In the video, you can see a handful of younger people react to their first time using a bidet. Bringing awareness to products like the Biffy only benefits us all. Videos like the one by Buzzfeed, open more peoples eyes to the world of bidets and help educate more people on the benefits associated with them.

If you want to conduct your own experiment like Buzzfeed, order a Biffy and see what you've been missing out on. You'll love your Biffy!

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