Controlling Inflammation with a Biffy

If you've read our other blog posts, you already know about the health benefits that come with having a bidet in your home. Regardless of age or sex, we believe there are multiple reasons a bidet will improve your life, including relieving pain. In the past, we mentioned how you can ease the pain of hemorrhoids by using a Biffy.  What we didn’t mention is how using a bidet can help with inflammation, due to hemorrhoids or not.

It is a common belief that bidets are only needed after a bowel movement. While they are useful for that, they come in handy in more ways. People experience inflammation in their genital area for various reasons. Sometimes something as simply as using a different laundry detergent can cause the skin to react in a way that causes discomfort. Also, it is possible for people to experience inflammation after intercourse.

Using a bidet will help relieve discomfort or pain, regardless of the cause. Cleansing the area will cool water will bring feelings of freshness and a reduction in swelling.

Soothing the irritated area with anything besides water is only likely to make things worse. That is why a Biffy is the only device to invest in if inflammation is occurring. Get relief today and start feeling like your normal self! You'll love your Biffy!

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